Saturday, February 18, 2012

And we are PREGGO again!

After the pregnancy loss back in August, I was unable to find the words to write about my surrogacy journey again.  When we started back this last cycle I was VERY nervous.  This time we implanted two great looking embryos.  We also did a Day 5 transfer instead of a Day 3 transfer like the last time.  We found out last Monday that I am in fact pregnant again.  So far things have been going well. I feel fine, but of course am very nervous.  My due date is October 19.  We will be going in for an ultrasound on March the 6th.  I'm thinking just one took, but you never know... both could have made it!  I'm so happy for my IPs but after the last time I am scared.  Today I noticed my pants were a little tight.  YIKES!  It's too early for this!!!!  Other than that and being tired I haven't had too many other symptoms.  I will keep everyone updated at things progress.  Wish us all luck this time!

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