Saturday, July 9, 2011

2nd big shot!

Mike just had to give me my 2nd big shot.  This is the estrogen shot I have to do twice a week.  It is a big needle!  The other injection I have to do is Lupron, but it is a small needle in the side of my leg.  Compared to the other shot, the Lupron is nothing!  I guess the saying "no pain no gain" is what I need to think about with all of this!
I am still feeling okay, but am starting to get a little moodier.  I got off work today at 2.  I had picked up some lunch because I was starving and had a huge headache.  Mike was in a horrible mood because he worked night shift last night and the kids hadn't let him sleep barely any.  I ate but my head still hurt and the boys were running around acting crazy.  Mike couldn't sleep and my head was pounding.  When Mike got up to get ready for work I said "Peace out I need therapy."  I got in my car and drove to CVS.  I loaded myself up with hair dye, nail polish and chocolate.  Every woman's perfect de-stressing tools!  LOL!  When I got home I was fine and now my hair and toes look great too:)  The chocolate is still sitting on my counter and will probably be my dinner.  I worked with the boys on some school stuff.  Grayson is working on addition problems and Koulston is working on finding shapes.  Aubrey took off with a pencil and paper and I think she was drawing the dogs because she kept saying "pup pup."  All in all it was fun and it got me over my grumpiness.

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