Thursday, July 7, 2011

Beginning our Journey

So many people ask me about why I decided to be a surrogate.  The answer really is simple.  I'm a mother who loves her children and wants to help another family have that same feeling.  I'm not a baby seller or some crazy woman with a pregnancy fetish.  I really just want to help.  People want to talk about money.  Well yeah there is money involved, but that is for the pain and suffering my body goes through due to taking meds and going through pregnancy.  It takes a toll on my body and my family.
I've found most people don't really understand surrogacy.  There are two different types and many different routes that surros take.  I will discuss the type of surrogate I am first.  I am a gestational carrier.  This means that none of my biological makeup is used.  I carrier an embryo for someone else.  My eggs are not involved in the process.  Yes this means I could go to the hospital in labor and freak all the nurses out by having a black or asian child.  I think that would be awesome!  They would be looking at my DH going WTH!!!!  Anyways... the other type of surrogate is a traditional surrogate.  This type of surrogate uses her own eggs and gets artificially inseminated with someone else's semen.  It is less common as it is risky legally for both sides.  I personally couldn't be a traditional surrogate because I really would feel like I was giving away my own child.
The routes us surros can take can be through an agency or independent.  I researched all options and see pros and cons with both.  For my first journey I have decided to go indy.  Both parties have their own attorneys and we work things out amongst ourselves.  In my opinion it is a lot more personable.
So how does matching work?
Many people go through an agency to get matched but with an indy journey the matching process is a little harder.  I talked with many couples and IPs (Intended Parents) in surrogacy forums online before matching with the perfect couple.  For all purposes of this blog my IPs will remain anonymous.  We met and all four of us connected.  (them and Mike and I)
After matching we had to get through screening.  It was a tedious process of gathering medical records, going out of state for blood work and an ultrasound, psych evaluations, MMPI test for me, testing for DH, etc... I ended up having to go through surgery because a polyp was found during my saline sonogram.  That was about a month ago.  We are finally all through with screening!  The next step was our contracts.  It wasn't really that bad but we all had to make sure we were all protected.  We started BCPs (birth control pills) and then Lupron.  Both are to stop me from ovulating.  As of yesterday after my baseline ultrasound and blood work I started actually med cycling!  This involved a lower dosage of Lupron,  (which is a shot in my leg) Estradial valerate (a really big shot) and baby aspirin.  I go for blood work next week to make sure the estrogen levels are where they need to be.  I will be going to my clinic on the 19th for an ultrasound that will determine when the embryos need to be pulled for thaw.  Transfer will probably be at the end of the month.  We did a mock transfer at one of my screening appointments.  It involves pushing this catheter looking thing through my uterine wall.  Honestly it didn't really hurt.  It was just uncomfortable like a pap smear.
So far I am feeling okay.  I am a little moodier due to the estrogen, but I feel okay.  My husband has to give me all my shots because I just can't look at the needle.  I think he thinks it is funny to shoot me up.  LOL!
I will try to keep this blog updated on my journey.  I am hoping the first time will be a success!


  1. can't wait to follow you on your journey!

  2. That is great that u can do that for someone my prayer r with u and the family that it will work the first time

  3. I'll be following your journey with your IFs! Exciting to follow! We are blogging about ours too and transfer is in October (oh and we are in TX as well!)