Friday, July 29, 2011


Well we are back home after my transfer yesterday.  Everything went well.  We got to the clinic after lunch.  They had me drink tons of water so that my bladder was "uncomfortably full."  While I was drinking the embryologist came in and talked to us.  She said there were 4 good embryos and suggested that we transfer three.  It was a decision all of us had to sit down and make.  We ended up deciding on two to stay on the side of safety.  Having triplets isn't an option my IPs or I want to get into.
So after that a nurse did an ultrasound to see if my bladder was full.  She then let the doctor know that I was ready for transfer!  My IM came in the room with me.  We had a picture of the embryos to look at and the actual ultrasound screen.  It was not painful at all.  It was a little uncomfortable much like a pap smear.  The two embryos were implanted!!!!  It was so quick.  I think I was expecting it to take a lot longer.  I am just trying to take it easy since yesterday.  I feel great though!!!!  Pregnancy tests are scheduled for Aug. 9 and 11.  I am crossing my fingers everything works out!!!!!

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  1. congrats on your transfer! can't wait to hear about your bfp!!! thinking sticky thoughts for ya!