Saturday, August 6, 2011


I bet that some of you are wondering what POAS means.  It means Pee on a Stick.  LOL that is all that is on my brain these days so I thought it would be appropriate to name this blog entry that.  So anyways... A few days ago I started feeling a bit nauseous.  I was trying to hold out until the blood test to know any results, but I couldn't help myself.  So... two days ago, when I was 7dp3dt (seven days past a three day transfer), I decided to POAS.  I thought it was possibly too early but what the hell.  So I anxiously waited for three minutes to pass... and there it was.  TWO LINES.  The second one was still faint, but it was there.  So this made me a little nervous and I went and bought more tests.  Since then I have taken six tests.  (today I am 10dp3dt)  All of them have had faint lines there.  I am guessing this means I'm preggers, but I'm still scared to say it for sure.  We have and HCG level test Tuesday and the second on Thursday.  The second one is to make sure my levels are increasing.  So HOLY COW this is really happening.  There is so much running through me head right now, but mainly I am just excited for my IPs.  I know they really want this, and really deserve this.  Tuesday and Thursday can't get here soon enough!!!!  My IM knows I took tests but said she wasn't sure she wanted to know the results.  I want to tell her sooooooo bad!!!!!!  Updates to follow...

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  1. Congrats I will keep y'all in my prayers that everything will work out